The Biofourmis Technology Ecosystem

The Biofourmis technology ecosystem is an end-to-end solution with the capability to monitor patients from acute to chronic conditions. Utilizing the FDA-cleared Biovitals™ Analytics Engine, patient physiological data is compared to population-level data to enable unique insights into a patient's disease trajectory, so physicians can provide the right care at the right time.

Biofourmis is a leader in digital healthcare solutions for clinicians, health systems, and biopharma. Powered by the FDA-cleared Biovitals™ Analytics Engine, there are three primary components to our clinically-proven, end-to-end solution: Biovitals Index, Patient Companion App, and Clinician Dashboard App.

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Biovitals Index

The Biovitals Index brings disease, data, and machine-learning together to enable the right care, to the right patients, at the right time. Advanced analytics process active and passive data, notify clinicians of significant changes, and enable earlier intervention. With digital medicine, modular treatment algorithms, based on a patient’s condition, enable the delivery of optimal dosing.

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Patient Companion App

With an easy-to-use interface and patient-specific customizations, the patient companion app is designed to improve patient engagement and compliance. Patients receive regular reminders and helpful information about their condition and recovery plan over the course of treatment.
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Clinician Dashboard

With compliance tracking, patient communication options, and customized data collection based on your specific need, the Clinician Dashboard enables care teams to focus on what really matters.
Biofourmis has designed the Clinician Dashboard with caregivers top of mind. The dashboard integrates with clinical workflows and electronic health records (EHRs) to streamline billing, payments, and care coordination to maximize efficiency while delivering exceptional care, independent of patient location.

Expanding Portfolio

Biofourmis continually expands its innovative portfolio through product development and strategic acquisitions.


Automated, cloud-based software detects over 15 types of cardiac arrhythmias. Available as a Service (SaaS) offering with scalable APIs to enable easy integration, RhythmAnalytics contains a Novel Deep Neural Network architecture trained on 4 Million EKGs to achieve highest degree of detection performance.
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