Advancing Outcomes with Digital Medicine

Biofourmis is accelerating drug development, clinical research, and the use of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) with breakthrough innovation


The Biofourmis Digital Medicine Approach

Utilizing one of the only FDA-cleared algorithms, Biofourmis accelerates product innovation and clinical research with its holistic, end-to-end solution.
Digital Theraputics

Digital Therapeutics

Biofourmis is pioneering a new category of medicine by developing clinically-validated, software-based therapeutics to treat and manage patients with unmet clinical needs. These digital therapeutics work independently or in conjunction with pharmacotherapies – augmenting drug efficacy, reducing costs and driving better patient outcomes.
Pharmaceutical companies prescribe digital therapeutics as a companion therapy with high-value drugs to improve efficacy and to better manage and treat patients with complex chronic conditions.

Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs)

Biofourmis is reducing clinical trial timelines by supporting patient data capture in decentralized and virtual clinical studies. Our DCT solution offers many features such as telehealth, active ePRO and passive sensor data collection, a comprehensive patient kit and provisioning service, AI algorithm development, predictive data sciences and digital clinical research services.
Commercialization and Market Access

Commercialization and Market Access

Utilized by companies to help commercial, market access, and medication adherence, Biofourmis is supporting real-world usage to improve outcomes and increase effectiveness of various drugs and devices. The Biovitals Index, with its machine learning and AI analytics, monitors for safety events and provides notifications to highlight significant patient changes.

Partner Use Cases

Chugai is objectively assessing pain associated with endometriosis to better understand its pathology and treatment.

The University of Hong Kong is utilizing the Biovitals Index to remotely monitor and identify COVID-19-related physiological biomarkers that indicate deterioration in patients.

Novartis is partnering with Biofourmis to monitor heart-failure patients who are taking Novartis’ Entresto drug in an effort to reduce hospital readmissions and emergency-room visits.

Digital Medicine Pipeline

Our digital medicine portfolio consists of products that cover multiple medicine areas, including heart failure, acute coronary syndrome, COPD, oncology, and chronic pain.

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The evolution of healthcare technology and personalized AI-based technologies are revolutionizing the way we approach medicine. Learn more about how you can accelerate innovation with digital medicine to improve patient outcomes. Download this reference guide to initiate your virtual care program to realize improved outcomes and efficiencies

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