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Biofourmis Chronic Care

Realize improved clinical outcomes and lower cost of care by leveraging our innovative, high-touch virtual care platform


Advancing Chronic Care Through Innovation

Improve adherence to treatment plans and health outcomes for patients with heart failure, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and atrial fibrilation. Our novel, robust virtual care platform also enables optimized staffing by reducing the burden of daily management.

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Software-driven Automated Medication Management

- Our clinically validated, disease-specific care programs are designed to enable optimization of medication therapy in accordance with evidence-based guidelines
- Deliver precision care wherever a patient is located, using medical-grade wearables for continuous, real-time monitoring and patient-specific notifications

Multidisciplinary, Remote Clinical Care Team

- Our specialized care team provides continuous patient monitoring
- Clinical support is configurable and based on each organization's needs
- Care teams include trained Health Navigators, nurses, advance practice providers, and physicians
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Patient-centric Platform for Chronic Conditions

- Our intuitive, easy-to-use patient application is designed to enhance patient engagement and adherence through personalized treatment plans and a communication portal
- Disease-specific plans include patient tasks, reminders, and educational resources to support each patient, individually
- Communication via text or video provides a direct connection between the patient and the Biofourmis care team

Biofourmis Chronic Care is designed to:

Health systems
Health Systems

– Improve quality of care and reduce variation

– Improve access to care and reduce wait times for new patients

– Reduce unnecessary ED visits and hospital admissions

Specialty Groups

– Increase productivity and reduce burn out

– Improve access to care and increase patient throughput

– Improve quality of care and patient outcomes

– Diversify revenue streams by leveraging tele-health and chronic billing codes


– Deliver personalized care, specific to each patient’s needs

– Provide on-going support from our clinical & technical teams, 24/7/365

– Empower improved medication adherence and compliance with care plans

Learn more about Biofourmis Chronic Care

Healthcare delivery outside the hospital is fast-paced, and leaders in the healthcare industry must work toward innovating specialty care solutions for better clinical outcomes while reducing the cost and burden of care. Biofourmis Chronic Care is designed to increase utilization of guideline directed therapy; detect clinical deterioration for earlier interventions; and facilitate patient engagement in the management of their condition. Learn more about how Biofourmis Chronic Care supports improved outcomes for patients with chronic conditions.

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