The Rise of Artificial Intelligence in Disease Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) in our daily lives has become quite commonplace in the daily applications that we use. Whether it’s at work, home, or playing video games, artificial intelligence is something that is continuously evolving and impacting our lives. In fact, artificial intelligence is beginning to find its way into health care.1 Augmenting healthcare delivery with AI is starting to impact our everyday lives. Below, Biofourmis, advancing virtual care with customized solutions, will explore the impact that artificial intelligence is making in the healthcare field. Continue reading below to learn more.

How Are Machine Learning Algorithms Used in Healthcare?

Artificial Intelligence works by drawing insights from a computer-generated database that has data which has been tagged and trained by clinicians. Over time, the computer model can make more educated decisions based on new data that has been presented, which can be referred to as machine learning.2 Using AI in medicine can be seen in some applications that provide personalized recommendations on a person’s diet, proper exercise routine, along with risk prediction and interventions. As more doctors and medical professionals provide clinical input, the accuracy of AI model and the predictability of AI derived outcomes will increase as time goes on.3

What Are the Advantages of Using AI in Healthcare?

One of the principal advantages of using AI in healthcare can be seen in how it can help to improve the efficiency of care delivery for patients while reducing the burden on care teams. As more doctors provide input and technology becomes more advanced, the accuracy of AI enhanced healthcare outcomes will increase. By using AI in healthcare, improved medical advice and triage could help in improving access to primary care via more targeted and personalized results.4 AI can also provide aid for evaluating symptoms to assist in diagnosis, as well as identify potential therapies for patients. This kind of computer-generated assistance could free up clinical resources to focus on patients that need their immediate help.

About Biofourmis

Biofourmis is a global leader in virtual care and digital therapeutics, offering innovative solutions that enable clinicians to deliver personalized predictive care anywhere. Biovitals, a highly sophisticated AI-powered health analytics engine, utilizes medical-grade wearables to continuously collect patient data targeted to predict clinical exacerbation in advance of a critical event, which enables earlier interventions and can lead to better outcomes. The Biovitals analytics engine has been clinically validated across multiple therapeutic areas for acute and chronic conditions, oncology, infectious disease such as COVID-19, chronic pain, and COPD, and is prescribed as a companion digital therapeutic with pharmacotherapy in value-based care. Contact us below to learn more.